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How to validate dynamically generated input fields with jQuery Validation plugin ??

As we know jQuery validation plugin is the most commonly used client side form validation library which provides plenty of customization with an ease to save time for manually validating each HTML form elements from scratch.

Though this plugin provides lots of inbuilt function to customize validation, sometimes it becomes tricky to properly use this plugin as per our requirements.
For example in one of my recent project I was in a need to validate dynamically generated fields.
With some research, I came up with a solution which I’m describing below with an example.

Suppose we have a form to enter multiple records of people with name and email fields 

To generate the above form the HTML code will be

The Javascript will be

Now to validate the dynamically generated input fields

In below image, we can see each dynamically generated field are validated separately.

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    2017-10-19 19:01:06

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