Call centre web app

(Laravel Development) Call Centre Web Application

Our client, a Call centre startup was looking for a Web App which can act as a backbone for his company. They already have listed down feature and some rough sketches of the app.

The team being from a Non-Technical background had no idea on the approach but they knew the problem they would like the app to solve.

The Web Fosters team coordinated with them to understand the problem, organized the functionality of app, choose technology stack, and created user interface.

The technology chosen was something taking into account the future of the app.

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(PHP Development, SaaS application) Business School Gaming application

Our client, who is a provider of creative form of education solution using smart technologies and gaming environment in Europe wanted a gaming application which can be used in business schools to simplify the process of learning business concepts for both students and professors practically.

The concepts included buying and selling of items, changing item’s price based on availability and demand, duties, taxes, interest rates, multi currencies, transportation charges, insurances, natural unavoidable events (like thunder, rains etc.) based on certain game probability, legality, forming teams and much more.

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( PHP, WooCommerce development ) Webshop integration to social networking website

Our client, the owner of a social networking website based out of America wanted to have a webshop with his social networking website. He already had a social networking website with a good amount of user base.

The idea was in-order to increase the user activity he wanted to award users with some points when they perform any activity. These points were different for different activities like sharing of contents, like, comments, and many more; admin can set the points for these activities from admin settings section.

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( Magento Development, E-Commerce ) Ready made garment webshop

Our client, the owner of a ready made garment shop wanted to explore the possibilities of creating selling clothes online using website.
He approached us and explained the details of his business. The website should include management of products and its variation like colors, size & type, customer management, discount coupons and gift cards, loyalty points and much more.

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( WordPress plugin development ) Coupon & Gift card plugin

As a bike trainer our European based client has a PHP WordPress portfolio website and training booking system with it. People can register themselves individually or can form a group to register.

Occasionally he wanted to give some discounts on all or few selected trainings for a limited period and limited discount registration. Also, he wanted to sell gift cards for the training.

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( Web application, PHP development) Online hotel reservation system

Our client, a leading American broker for booking hotel, lodge and restaurant used offline pen and paper for maintaining all his records. He had sub-agents under him, customers, and also records of all hotels which were booked and which were available. He used excel sheet to keep track of everything, but handling it was very painful and hectic for him.

Our client approached us to automate his business completely; managing availability, online booking, handling payments, paying commission to sub-agents, providing discounts, loyalty points and much more.

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(Javascript Development) Barcode Integration to mobile website

One of our client already had a PHP based mobile website used by his salesman to entry stocks while present in different locations. The salesman have to entry the long number present in barcode in the entry form manually. This was time consuming and hectic for them when they have a lot of items.

So the client approached us to integrate barcode to the website. Barcode is a machine-readable representation of data, which can be easily read by a barcode reader.

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(python development, SaaS) Online accounting application

Our client, the owner of online accountancy application wanted to add new features, optimize the existing features, and fix some issues in the application.

The application have complete accounting solution for all sorts of business. The scope of work involved adding few reports, automated cloud synchronization of invoices, adding of bar graphs in dashboard to view business performance, optimizing various queries in the report section and fixing of some reports.

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