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Executive Summary

( WordPress development, MultiSite)Price Comparison tool

Our client wanted to create a price comparison tool, where prices of almost anything can be compared and can be purchased through the affiliates links. He wanted to have multiple domains for different types of comparisons like for Energy, health insurance, Cellular SIM, mobile phones, air ticket, hotels and few others.

As there were a lot of domains, managing each of them individually was a complex task, so WordPress Multi-site feature was used here.

The Challenges:

Initially, before starting the development work, the 3rd party API we decided to use was not available anymore. This delayed the start of the project as we did a research on different options available and agreed on the best possible option.

The Solution:

Although it was challenging to find an option suitable to match up with our needs, we along with the client’s cooperation did research on the available options and decided to use the best available of them.

The Result:

  • The final product was a Multi-site web application which allowed users to compare prices of different type of items.
  • The Main website consisted sliding forms which allowed them to search for any specific tools they need. The search result page had many different relevant filters which allowed them to narrow down their search results.
  • The website was 100% responsive to screen to different sizes (Mobile, Desktop, Tablets)
  • App View was designed and added to make it appear like an app in mobile.
  • PSD (Photoshop designs) was converted to HTML by our designers.
  • Trust Pilot was integrated for rating and reviews.
  • Website was SEO optimized for better ranking in search engines like google, bing .

Technical Stack:

PHP, WordPress, WordPress MultiSite, Affiliate API’s, Trustpilot, MailChimp, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.