Be it a simple website or a complex enterprise web solutions, The Web Fosters developers with over working experience of 5+ years has gained enough expertise to exploit the power of PHP and various PHP application development frameworks to address all your business needs.
We offer full cycle (Consulting, Development, Integration, Testing, Maintenance & support) expert PHP web design and programming services for global clients.


Laravel, Phalcon, cakePHP, codeIgniter, Symphony,  Zend Framework, Yii

Technical Expertise

  • Expertise in MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle databases
  • Expertise in MongoDB
  • SCM like SVN, GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Expertise in setting up projects in *unix,Debian, centOS, mac
  • Expertise in web servers like apache (httpd), Nginx
  • Expertise in Amazon web services
  • Caching drivers like Memcache, Redis, Varnish
  • PMS like Jira, Zoho, Yodiz, Basecamp
  • Virtual machines, Vagrant, Homestead, Valet
  • Queuing system like database, Beanstalkd, Amazon SQS, Redis
  • Search engine like Elastic search, Sphinx
  • Database scaling

Project Domains

  • Medical and health care
  • Social media applications
  • Finance application
  • Service Management portals
  • Gaming application
  • Logistics applications
  • Custom CMS

php development – Case Studies

  • Business trading Gaming application #

    Designed and developed the web application from scratch. This application helps business school students learn about real world business concepts in the form of interactive game. Students can form teams among themselves and compete, professors has full control to change rounds of the game. Changing the round does some events with calculated probability. As the game involved virtual money and multiple countries so multi-currency has also been implemented.

    Authorization system has been used to create different user types like admin, professors, teams. HTML5 Canvas and custom bootstrap has been used to make the game interactive and user-friendly.

    Technology used: Laravel, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, accounting.js, HTML5, bitbucket, LAMP.

  • Organization updates management (Customized CMS) #

    Designed and developed the web application from scratch. This application is being used by different organizations to manage all their members, public updates, member registration, projects, and programs updates. SMS api’s and payment gateway has been used for OTP while registration. Social media share has also been integrated to allow quick share of contents published.

    Technology used: CodeIgniter, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, SMS api’s, paypal, facebook and twitter SDK, bitbucket, LAMP.

  • Barcode Integration #

    Integrated barcode system to a mobile website. Barcode is a machine-readable representation of data, which can be easily read by a barcode reader. We have integrated barcode system in mobile website through which the barcode can be read by taking an image of barcode from mobile’s camera. This helps in saving the time for entering the codes manually.

    Technology used: PHP, HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap, barcode js.

  • Hotel booking/reservation system #

    Designed and developed a website from scratch which is used by an agency to provide online booking of hotels, restaurants and lodges. In this website the admin can create sub-admins (sub-agencies) who can add hotels, restaurants and lodges. A user can search them based on the location or within a certain mile range. They can then book for a particular date with optional extra facilities like wifi etc.

    Authorization was implemented to manage different users types, payment gateway has been added for processing of payments, WKHTMLTOPDF has been added for generating invoice slips. Also, video players has been addded to preview the hotels before booking.

    Technology used: cakePHP, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, paypal, WKHTMLTOPDF, video.js, LAMP.

  • Classified with Social networking website #

    Designed and developed a website which provides online classified service by creating user’s network.It was not a conventional classified website of only listing items or services.Here any seller or buyer can create their own network with family, friends or local community and buy or sell their items or services.

    Any user can view any items or services both in network or out of network filtering with distance.A user can review, send messages, connect, track other users.

    Technology used: Zend Framework, PHP, HTML5, jQuery, jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap, bitbucket.