Django, Django Rest Framework

Technical Expertise

  • Expertise in python 2.7, 3.x
  • Python scripting
  • Python Web scrapping (scrapy, BeautifulSoup)
  • Tastypie
  • SOA, RESTApi’s, SPA
  • Expertise in search engine like Elastic search, Sphinx
  • Expertise in setting up projects in *unix, Debian, centOS, mac
  • Expertise in web servers like apache (httpd), Nginx.
  • Used PMS like Jira, Zoho, Yodiz, Basecamp

Python Development – Case studies

  • Accountancy project #

    This project provides the complete accounting solution for all sort of business. Full Accounting Features, Free Trial, Unlimited Users, Accountant and Business Partners, Automatic Backup, Compliant with VAT, Unlimited Support, Dashboards showing business performance.

    Technology used: Python 2.7, Django, Tastypie, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON, PostgreSQL, GIT, Vagrant, VirtualBox, SPA, nginix

  • Scripting for space ship problem #

    Developed a script for a gaming space ship problem. This script can be run in CLI with some agruments passed to it as options for the game. The script will read the file name passed as argument, parse it, use the algorithm to get the answers. unittest library was also used to test all cases present in the algorithm.

    Technology used: Python 2.7, unittest