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Executive Summary

Call centre web app

Our client, a Call centre startup was looking for a Web App which can act as a backbone for his company. They already have listed down feature and some rough sketches of the app.

The team being from a Non-Technical background had no idea on the approach but they knew the problem they would like the app to solve.

The Web Fosters team coordinated with them to understand the problem, organized the functionality of app, choose technology stack, and created user interface.

The technology chosen was something taking into account the future of the app.

The Problem:

As a startup company they had few agents working for support. They use Phone for outgoing and incoming calls. And this was a problem, they cannot record the voice communication which usually incurred in loss of information; there was no operational statistics to analyse business; Manually typing the conversation, sending it to concern clients, managing tickets, customer information and other bookkeeping was hectic and consumed a lot of time.

The challenges:

  • Recording of voice communication.
  • Providing useful statistics based on which they can analyse and run the business.
  • Providing an intuitive user interface which help them to input data faster without wasting time.
  • Providing purchased data usage to customer.

The Solution:

The Web Fosters team suggested development of a custom web application with all these functionality. Different user roles (admin, managers,agents,customer, clients) was created with different features as per role.

The primary problem was to record the voice communication and avoid manually typing conversation, The Web Fosters team suggested them to integrate cloud based communication platform like twilio, aircall or similar.

The Result:

  • Taking into consideration the functionality and good pricing packages, Aircall was integrated into the app. This helped to record voice call, provided stats for incoming calls / outgoing calls / missed calls / Time of call, Call Duration, Number, agent’s activity and many useful statistics. This statistics was pulled into the application and was used to display them graphically in a meaningful way. The voice log was also pulled into the application and was used to associated them with new ticket or any other existing tickets.
  • Managers can control agents, view their logs, look into escalated tickets, manage clients, manage packages and much more.
  • Clients can create tickets, track existing tickets, listen to voice recordings related to a ticket, provide information to agents and a lot of useful features. With this app the client can view the details of purchased data usage, purchase plans instantly and can instantly start/stop for the service.
  • Altogether, it increased the efficiency of Agents by almost 2X 
    Better client transparency as they can view data usage
    Increase in customer trust-ability
    Appointments was increased multi-folds.
    Tracking of things became easier.

Technical Stack for web application:

  • PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap
  • For Voice: Aircall
  • Paypal Payment gateway.