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Adding custom attributes to Select field in laravelcollective HTML

Most of the time we use HTML select without any custom attributes. But in some cases adding custom attributes like data-* helps to easily access extra data related to the Option selected without making additional ajax call.

LaravelCollective HTML is an awesome package to created HTML forms in Laravel. It provides a lot of features to help to build simple and complex forms.

If you wanted to add some custom attributes in Select-Option tag, that is something like this:

This is easy if you do it using a Loop, but using loops for every select field where you want to add it can be a pain.

Luckily LaravelCollective-HTML has an option for it in "Form::select". So you don’t have to use Loops.
If you look into the Select method signature, it looks like this:

The last parameter is where you can pass extra attributes to be added in option tag.

So for the above example, the optionsAttributes parameter will be:

For example: If you want to show a list of tax rates:

I hope this small tip is helpful.
Although this option is present but is not described in the documentation so thought of sharing.

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