jQuery Draggable with keyboard controls

Implementing keyboard control with jQuery draggable

Level: Beginner

In one of our recent project, we need to implement jQuery draggable with keyboard control.

jQuery draggable is a good option to move element using mouse in users interface. But it lacks the functionality of keyboard control.

But it can be easily achieved using keyup & keydown events.



Adding social media registration and login to laravel application.

Registration & Login using Social Media in Laravel (Socialite Package)

With the growing usage of social media, Social Media Registration and authentication are important for any web applications. The advantage of having them is users can Register/Login into your application with the click of a button and don’t have to remember a new credential for the application.

In this blog, you will look into integrating social media Registration/Login in your Laravel application using Laravel Official package – Socialite.

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What is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and How it works ??

SSL also used as Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the standard security technology for establishing a secure encrypted link between a web host and a web browser.In simple words in this technology any information going to or from a server gets encrypted automatically which prevents hackers from manipulating any sensitive information.
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