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Practical and useful tips on speeding up your web applications

Speed of a website matters !

You’re using a web application, it takes 5-10 sec to load each page or to complete ajax requests. How does it feels ? Awful, isnt’ it ? You will lose up your patience and will switch to a suitable alternative.

Similarly, you own a SaaS application with a good user interface and many useful functionalities. A end-user sign-up and found it to be slow enough for his use. Every page keeps on loading for 5-10 seconds.
Will she come back again to your ? Will she upgrade her package from free to a paid member ?

This is why speed of a website matters.
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compare MySQL databases

Easy way to compare MySQL Databases

compare MySQL Databases

We started working on a project that already had live and production environment setup. The live version was using Master branch and production was using develop branch. There were many features in production which was yet to be tested and move to live. We worked on adding many features to production and got it ready to move to live.
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