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Executive Summary

Our client, the owner of online accountancy application wanted to add new features, optimize the existing features, and fix some issues in the application.

The application have complete accounting solution for all sorts of business. The scope of work involved adding few reports, automated cloud synchronization of invoices, adding of bar graphs in dashboard to view business performance, optimizing various queries in the report section and fixing of some reports.

Development by The Web Fosters

The Web Fosters team cloned the python application in local, took database dump and with guidance of our client understood the flow of the application. We also looked into all documentation, video guides to get a good grasp of the application.

Our skilled python developers successfully implemented the reports within the time and pushed it to stage server, after getting QA’ed it was pushed to live server.

Dropbox was integrated to automatically sync invoices pdf created by a user to his Dropbox account.

Google Bar graph was used to show business related trends in the dashboard. This graph helps a user to understand the business performance (profit, loss, expense) over any interval of time.

Optimization of application was complex. We checked database fields to be indexed, queries are using the indexes, and removed sub-queries, IN operation from many places. Queries were also converted in stored procedures to gain efficiency.

Technical Stack:

Python 2.7, Django 1.6, Tastypie, postgresSQL , Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, Twitter bootstrap, JSON, GIT, Vagrant, virtualbox, nginx