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Executive Summary

One of our client already had a PHP based mobile website used by his salesman to entry stocks while present in different locations. The salesman have to entry the long number present in barcode in the entry form manually. This was time consuming and hectic for them when they have a lot of items.

So the client approached us to integrate barcode to the website. Barcode is a machine-readable representation of data, which can be easily read by a barcode reader.

Development by The Web Fosters:

We checked the system and found that a barcode reader javascript can be integrated in the form itself. With a click of button present in form, the mobile camera will be ready to read the barcode. And upon scanning and identification of code it automatically writes the code in the item number form field. The salesman saved a lot of time for manually entering the long code.

On the final delivery client was very happy to see the feature working seamlessly with different mobile carrier and OS.

Technical Stack:

PHP, jQuery, Barcode JS, HTML5